Colorado Medical Marijuana
 $65 Certifications $60 Renewals
by Licensed Physicians
​2960 South Federal Blvd #3
Denver CO 80236
Walk-In Hours
Monday 2 pm - 6 pm
Tuesday 10 am- 2 pm
Wednesday 2 pm-4 pm
Thursday 2 pm-6 pm
Friday 12 noon- 4 pm
Saturday 10 am- 2 pm
Please try to show up 15 minutes before we close
because you have paperwork to fill out..
Contact Us
No appointment necessary...
Just walk-in and bring cash and your photo ID.  

$65 New Patient Certification    
$60 Renewal     
$5 Notary (per page- usually 1 page) 
$5 Copies
$120 Dispensary Ready Package (includes Dr Certification, Notary, Copies, Money order for state fee, self addressed envelope, and your certified mail forms filled out.

Patients are normally allowed to grow 6 plants.  Extented plant counts are priced below... You can ask for as many as you want but it is ultimately the doctors decision.... 
Please also try to bring medical records with you. 
Extended Plant Counts (Dr. Certification included) 
12 Plants $140          $5 Notary
25 Plants $200          $5 Copies
50 Plants $240
75 Plants $280
​Add $40 if you want the dispensary ready package.